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Blustery, Lustery Day

So, you know that test I was worried about, the National Latin exam? I'm sitting there, in fourth period, just doing vocabulary, when an attendance aide walks in. I think nothing of it, but then Coach Penn says, "Kittttt-y!"

"What?" I looked up, confused.

He frowned at the note as he read it. "Are you supposed to be taking a test?"

I suppose it was because I've been so worried about it, but my first thought was, "OH NO! THE AP EXAM WAS TODAY?!?!" but then he continued, "National Latin--"

Tara's eyes widened. "National Latin Exam!"

"That was today?" I was bewildered, and quite frankly, flummoxed. Ms. Estes hadn't even mentioned it.

"Run, run, run!"

I beat it down there, and luckily Ms. Estes wasn't there, just some weird lady who smiled the entire time. I took the test (grammar ate my lunch, but mythology/translating was excellent) and was about to get it out of there without her knowing, except just as I went to leave, Ms. Estes walked in. Not even a, "How'd you do?" or "How was it?" but instead she looked me straight in the eye and asked, "Did you forget?"

"Um," I replied intelligently.

The lady behind me was most helpful. "Yes!" Gee, thanks, lady. Ms. Estes shook her head and I left. It annoyed me so bad, this one question said:

Viginte senatores cures stan. Duodecem descendes. Quod senatores mane?

which translates to "___________ senatores are sitting. 12 leave. How many senators remain?" But I didn't know what viginte was! So I was frantically cycling through all my Splatin (I can never recall all of the Latin numbers, so I mix in the Spanish ones that I don't know; for instance, Uno, duo, tres, quattor, cinco, sex, septem, ocho, novem, decem.) but couldn't recall it. So I just put something down. Still. Gar.

My history test turned out fine; I got 100, and oh! When I get nervous or can't think, I just write quotes and poems and stuff... my math tests are generally covered with "The Raven" or Shakespeare or Henry Wadsworth by the time I'm done with them. I've never had to really think about history essays before, but this one I was struggling with the conclusion, so I wrote the poem that I ended my last entry with, in the corner. I get my paper back and Mr. Tumlinson had scribbled, "Why did you quote Blake at the end?" but I was too embarassed to explain.

My government teacher is now an AP. I am suffering. Coach Greeney was actually my favorite teacher, I think, and now it turns out he quit his teaching job (sort of) and swim coach job (he made it to the Olympics, coaching swim! And now he's quitting!) and so we were all going through feelings of abandonment. Brad even came into the room crying, "Don't leave us!" Erin had to tell the class, because we didn't know. She was having a really rough time with it, because she and him were real close, and he was her swim coach. He'll apparently still be teaching our class, since it's AP, but it just won't be the same. Not to mention the fact that he won't be here more often because of "things he needs to take care of". How depressing!

We had one last joke, though, because he was wearing a charcoal gray suit with brown shoes. George was teasing him about it, but Greeney protested, "The man at the warehouse thing picked these out and my wife says they're fine."

Not two minutes later, Coach Penn walked in, looked down, and said, "Your wife let you out like that?"

Greeney repeated what he told us.

"Right. Do you have any government books? I got Hobb convinced that he'll be teaching government. He's freaked."

"Awesome! Yeah, let me get one." I swear, they are both little kids.

No sooner had Coach Penn left then Ms. Ditta walked in, stared for a moment, then told Greeney, "I am calling the fashion police so they can arrest you."

"Listen, the man picked them out for me--"

"Do I need to take you shopping with me? Because I will?"

Greeney looked at us. "Did y'all tell them to say this?"

Ditta shook her head. "Actually, Coach Penn did. He said to tell you 'from a woman's perspective'."

"You snitched on him!" George cried. He has Coach Penn as well.

Ditta laughed. "Everyone snitches on Coach Penn."


Anyway, we teased him some more, saying he didn't look like an assistant principal. This one kid even goes, "Yeah, you don't look like you could destroy somebody!" which is true. This came around to the entire class (all 8 or so of us) discussing Ms. Heiskell and how much we hate her. Then Ms. Wells (also hated), and Ms. Locher (pretty beloved, considering). It's weird, being in a class with so many intelligent people... we talk amongst ourselves, and not with the subs ordering us to do things; we do it on our own. And AP kids? They're snobs. In a good way, I mean, but still, it's hilarious listening to them joke about "regulars" and "honors" kids like they're below us. I mean, I'm in regulars, honors, and AP classes, so I know how all of them act, so it's interesting to see it from the point of view of someone who has been in all GT and all AP all their lives. We're like... dorks. But dorks who know one day we will rule the world. And so it's all good.

It was actually pretty neat; Kathleen admitted that Mr. Nelson intimidates her, too, and she even takes a backstairwell just to avoid seeing him. It's nice to have another soul who is intimidated by that man. And Brad was talking to me about college and stuff--he initiated the conversation! Score! I have friends in that class!

Speaking of which, I did an entire project during first period and during the announcements. Last minute has nothing on me.

What else happened? That covers fourth, third, second, and first... fifth was just math (long division with variables needs to burn), then sixth I copied Court's work so that I could turn it in and get credit back. I really hope this boosts my grade up to a passing. It should, but still.

Seventh period shocked me again... It's weird, because I sort of slack off and rely on Courtney a lot, just to get things done and stuff in that class, because I know I'm horrid at chemistry. But I did all the calculations without her and wrote down the lab, and it sort of gave me a jolt. I really feel like a complete idiot when I don't try, but when I'm forced to because Kerri doesn't know how to do it and Court's not in my group, I can figure it out. Really odd. So we just had a lab, and Court took me home, and now I'm avoiding homework. As always.

This week has been so hectic, but it's been pretty much flying by... I can't wait until Spring Break. The sad thing? I don't even want to go on vacation. All I want to do is catch up on my sleep all week. Mom wanted me to come to San Antonio, but she wasn't acting all clingy like she has been lately. When I talked to her, she didn't even say "I love you" before hanging up, which that was pretty creepy when she did, so it was nice to have my old mom back. If that sounds odd, you don't know my mom... she's not the nurturing, maternal, loving type. She's more like, make fun of you all the time, tell you to do something yourself kind of type. And as I got older, that was really awesome, because it meant I was more self-reliant, and she was more like a friend, which sounds stupid, but it's true. But like I said, lately she's been really clingy... she seemed to snap out of it. When I told her I'd probably stay here for Spring Break instead of going to San Antonio, she didn't even try and guilt me into coming. Just like, she accepted it. Really cool.

Uh, think that's it. Just had to tell y'all about my day, because it's really pretty outside, and I felt like writing. Anyway, later!

It has yet to be proven that intelligence has any survival value.
--Arthur C. Clarke

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