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Don't Leave me Drowning in my Tears!

So my life is back together again! Yes, kiddos, I got myself a plan!

It all started when Mom called and asked me if I wanted to buy season passes to Fiesta Texas for the summer. I declined, saying that I was planning on loading up on college courses over the summer.

"But you won't have a car, and we won't have time to drop you off," Mom protested. I sighed heavily, realizing she was right. I hate wasting time though, and having the whole summer to not do anything just made me madder'n a hornet, but there was nothing I could do, seeing as how I didn't have my license or anything. I told her to go ahead and get it.

Mary Ann was sitting next to me. "What'd she want?"

I sighed again. "Oh, just wanted to know if I wanted a season pass to Fiesta Texas this summer. I was really planning on loading up on classes, but she said there won't be a car for me."

Mary Ann looked contemplative, then said slowly, "Hey, I was just thinking... you'll have to ask Mike about it, but you're welcome to stay with us, I mean, I don't care. And we could take night classes together, and you could get a job during the day--that way you wouldn't need a car, you'd be getting some money coming in, have school going on, and get your license by the end of summer."

Now Mike and I had already talked about me staying with them when they bought the apartment, and he said it was fine, I just had to ask my sister-in-law. I was a bit worried, but seeing as how she offered, I think I want to do that. It sure sounds good. So I figure I'll take as much college as I can, then I finally figured out where I want to go:

LSU. It's relatively cheap, I can get in no problem, and with community college for most of it, I should be able to take care of the out of state tuition (which, can anyone help me find out how much that'll be?). Plus, I've always wanted to visit Louisiana, and everyone I've talked to who went to LSU said it's a great school, and they really liked it. So.

And I've decided that I'll go ahead and take some EMT courses this summer and stuff, then use that to pay for my college somewhat. And with some scholarships I can get, maybe I'll be able to pay for it quickly; I don't want to owe Mom anything.

I plan on graduating college in three years, because I'm really sick of school, then I'll be an English teacher. I really want to work at Klein Oak, just because... well, I know what's it like, and it'd be really fun.

Anyways, that's the good news. So now I have to tell you about my day.

Chemistry was the thing that got me; okay, so yesterday, we got our averages. I went up there and, much to my dismay, he told me I had a 65. I was flabberghasted.

"What? How--"

"See all those zeroes?"

I glanced over at the screen. There were maybe 9 grades on there, 6 of them zeroes. All daily.

"What are they? Because I know I didn't not do all of those..." I've been trying, really.

I think I already told you all this, didn't I?


Well, anyways, I got a progress report today saying my parents had to sign this thing that said I had a 65 in chemistry.

"But," I protested, "Mr. Boyd, I don't. I turned all that stuff in!"

He looked at me. "Well, even with all those, your test grade still would have pulled you down."

"Oh," I acknowledged. Starting to walk away, feeling very depressed, a sudden thought occurred to me. Mind you, I'm in the front of the class, but I whirled around and shouted, "WAIT A MINUTE! I got an 81 on that test! That's not too bad!"

Mr. Boyd blinked. "Oh." He checked the computer, undoubtedly validating my grade. "Well." He scratched his head. "Just get your parents to sign it anyway, and if it's a problem, have them call me."

"Right." Which translates to, "how well can I forge this?"

Anyway, the whole thing is a farce, and I want no part in it. The really bad part? I'm doing extra credit that will boost my test grade 10 points, so I'll have a 91 instead of an 81. My grade is definitely not failing!

But whatever.

Math is still evil and needs to burn in hell. Um, Latin was pretty fun... test tomorrow. Not so fun. No idea what it's over. Dang. Government test tomorrow, too. Double dang, forgot about that one... le sigh. And I have to get up early in order to make it to the Economics review session. I really don't want to have to take it again in college, so I have to get a 3 on the AP test, or I'll just die. Well, maybe not die, but boy, it'll sure feel like it. Oddly enough, I'm not too worried about the History one. I wonder why. Hm. No use wondering... thank God it's Friday tomorrow!

What else? Third period, Robbie wrote on my paper. I fear I'm developing a crush on him... he's just so cute! And to think, David Porter sits diagonal from me, but I'm lusting after another man... but, to be fair, Robbie is infinitely less aloof, though I suspect that's just because I sometimes let him copy. But then again, he talks to me in the halls, so maybe not. Am unsure.

In sociology, we watched a show about pigs. Oh! We got our progress reports in there, as well, and so I look at mine and notice it says:

Chapter 4 Notes: 85
Chapter 4 Vocab: 85
Chapter 4 Test: 96

"Hm." I looked over at Tara's. Her's had 95 on the vocab. "Hey, Coach Penn!"


"Why did I get an 85 on my vocab?" I asked curiously.

He gave me a give-me-a-break glance. "Because you never do notes."

"It's true, I don't--hey! It's vocab! I did all my vocab!"

His look was anything but believing.

Tara backed me up. "She did. Remember, she typed 'em?"

"No, you didn't--Oh wait, yeah you did. I'll fix it later."

Man, do I have a reputation in that class, or what?

English I just sat there looking at college websites; uscollegesearch.org is my hero. It's how I found LSU and stuff... anyway, I got to talking to Ms. Ihrig (she lets me do anything in that class, I swear), and we were discussing tuition.

"Yeah," I said, "I hope to get some scholarships with my writing."


"What are you going to major in?" Susan questioned from beside me.

"English," I answered.

Silence from Ms. Ihrig.

"Okay..." I was sort of abashed. I mean, if she liked my writing, or thought that was a good major for me, why didn't she say something? But she didn't. So I fear she hates my writing now. Court assured me she doesn't, but still.

Oh Friday, why can't you be over with? I hate tests. All my teachers are packing them in before Spring Break, too. Curse you, magistras! (and magisters). Gar.

Best study now... later!

Oh, right: P.S. Am reading a book called, How to Build a Time Machine. Am developing severe crush on Albert Einstein. Fear this means I am a geek.

Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocre minds. The latter cannot understand it when a [person] does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses their intelligence.
--Albert Einstein
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