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Winter Winds

Sweetly Singing

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I'm in love with Sheppard and Teyla needs to die
11 November
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I'm Kitty, and I'm really quite cheerful, which is actually a cover for my life as a secret agent, which is rather boring, and also quite top secret, so I won't talk about that, unless you really wanna hear about it, and even then, I doubt I'd tell you. I haven't even told Hughey Jackman. He's such a nice little boy.

I will, however, talk about how cool Courtney is why Courtney is the best why everyone should be friends with Courtney how Courtney is the most awesome person on the planet nothing in particular.

I would like to add that I am really a mutated ewok (aka Dwergi) in disguise, and the Table Dancing Brittney Hos totally are the coolest.

May it be known that I was being a foolish mortal in forgetting to close off this page, and logging off, before leaving the Great Hall of the Almighty Keebler. I should have known she'd do something crazy to my page;)And then, I should've figured that she'd invoke the help of the Almighty Nicole, who would've jumped at the invite to screw this all up.

That being said, I like to send out my love to everyone in the world!!! Mwuah!

your friendly neighborhood valleygirl
aka Kits

with love,

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